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Hi, I’m Jennifer!

I like rock climbing and love mocha lattes. I transformed my experience with an eating disorder into a calling and now support others on their healing journeys. I speak, write, and teach to help you find self-acceptance and embrace the power of your story.

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Jennifer has the rare gift of speaking with both fierce conviction and genuine kindness. She is not afraid to tackle complex issues, and does so with an exceptional combination of empathy, expertise and humility.

-Kristen Snow, MHR, RYT-200, National Eating DIsorder Association



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created & hosted by Jennifer kreatsoulas

A show dedicated to honest and real conversations about the mental health issues and cultural messaging related to body image in the age of social media.





Yoga for Eating Disorders


Yoga was an essential part of my personal recovery from an eating disorder and the key to developing the messages I deliver in my talks, writing, workshops, and TV show, Real Body Talk. After more than 20 years of recovery experience and professional training as a certified yoga therapist, I have the privilege of helping others on their healing paths. Learn more about Yoga for Eating Disorders and my services as well as latest podcast interviews and articles.