Jennifer is one of the most incredible women I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She is a truly gifted speaker with a passion for helping others.
— Wendy Cramer, MEd, The Renfrew Center, Philadelphia
Gentle, powerful, and informative describe Jennifer’s innate ability to empower others to action.
— Karen Maree Pike, RN, MSN, OCN, Dip Hom, Alternative Medica


How would your life change if you viewed your story through the lens of strength?

I speak on self-acceptance, empowerment, and confidence. Through my dynamic storytelling, I help people from college students to mental health groups to entrepreneurs transcend their “perceived” limitations and embrace the power of their unique story.

You deserve to fully believe in yourself and the power of your story.

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Jennifer is a dynamic and engaging speaker. She is inclusive and thoughtful. She is able to capture and sustain an audience’s attention and participation even about difficult and personal topics.
— Amanda di Bartolomeo, PhD, California State University, Northridge

Jennifer’s Popular Keynotes

My “demon” was called an eating disorder. What’s yours called?: Transcending Diagnoses and Embracing your Personal Power

How easy it is to define ourselves in terms of diagnoses and neurosis. Somehow our identity becomes the sum of these things and we lose connection with the expansiveness of who we truly are. My talk is an invitation to reconnect with the fullness of who you are and to embrace your story through a new lens —strength. In this keynote, I’ll talk about popular representations of mental illness as a demon or monster, and illustrate why this depiction is disempowering and demeaning. Using my own story of eating disorder recovery, I’ll share how to reframe “demon” (and language like it) to “teacher” and find the gifts in your story, opening your eyes to how your particular story and teacher are sources of empowerment and strength. From this place of self-acceptance, so much is possible, including transcending perceived limitations and embracing their greater meaning for your life. This keynote is excellent for colleges and universities and mental health settings.


This talk illuminates the struggles women in all phases of motherhood, including before and during pregnancy, and eating disorder recovery experience. From body image concerns to an (re)emergence of eating disorder symptoms, from emotional overwhelm to depression and physical exhaustion, I’ve been there and lived to tell the story of relapse and revival. Through this talk, I gather women together to assure them that they are not alone in these difficulties and offer strategies for learning how to both connect to their strengths as women and mothers as well as reframe struggles as progress and challenges as teachers. This presentation works well as a keynote or as an interactive talk with discussion.

The Language of Recovery: Nurturing Healthy Conversations About Food, Body Image, and Exercise at Home and Beyond

As the mother of two girls with a keen awareness of how social messages about food, body, and exercise can leave a lasting impression—often leading to eating disorders, body dysmorphia, depression, and anxiety—I’m on a mission to educate parents, educators, marketers, doctors, and anyone who will listen about this reality. We’ll zoom in on the incredible power of our words to both undermine and support eating disorder recovery and mental health in general. I’ll demonstrate what many popular slogans and buzz phrases really mean and offer new language to incorporate into your your self-talk and conversations at home in the name recovery, personal empowerment, and social change. I often give this talk at eating disorder treatment centers’ community events. Parents and supports of those with eating disorders find this to be extremely enlightening and helpful.


Yoga philosophies and practices offer uniquely therapeutic healing experiences. Breathing practices, guided meditation, yoga poses, and grounding techniques provide significant physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. However, movement and the traditionally “quiet” practices of yoga can be very difficult for individuals who are mending a severely severed relationship with their body due to an eating disorder, trauma, or other reason. When these practices are taught with the awareness of why yoga is both “hard” and healing for these individuals, yoga therapists and health professionals have a profound opportunity to empower their clients to relate to their bodies in new ways as well as establish self-affirming beliefs that support lasting healing.

In this educational and experiential talk, I’ll discuss the latest research on yoga and mental health, educate about yoga therapy and how it can be used safely and effectively in the clinical setting. You’ll experience simple practices for the therapeutic setting including yoga poses, breathing exercises, visualization, mantra, and yoga philosophy concepts and learn tips for language and delivery of these practices with clients. I often give this presentation as a training to clinicians and other medical professionals.

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  • The National Eating Disorder Center

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  • The 28th Annual Renfrew Foundation Conference

  • The Renfrew Center, Philadelphia

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